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As with all medical conditions you can treat asthma with drugs prescribed by you GP. Drugs prescribe cannot only treat asthma it also trys to prevent the symptoms of asthma.

There are two main types of drugs used for treating asthma. These drugs are commonly taken by using an aersol inhaler.

The first type is a preventer. This is required to be taken on a day to day basis. It helps to reduce the sensitivity of the cell in the lungs that reacts to house dust mites and other allergens. Most of there preventers do not contain steriods. The ones that contains steroids tend to be more effective, especially in moderate to severe asthma attacks. The prescribed total steroid dose contained in the inhalers is not enough to cause significant adverse effects. But it is suggested after the use of inhalers steroids, to rise your and mouth and throat by gargling water. Any steriod left in the mouth and throat will cause inflections and ulcers in the throat and mouth. Young children are encourage to brush there teeth after using the preventer inhaler.

The second type of treament is a relievers. This is only taken you feel tight in the chest. If you taking 3 or 4 dose a day, you GP should be consult, because your GP is likely to adjust the dose of the preventor you are on.

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