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Asthma Symptoms

The symptoms of asthma may vary from individual to individual from time to time. It is important to remember that many of the symptoms are not immediately obvious and similar to those seen in other attacks.

The are 4 major symptoms that suggest an asthma attack:

  • Shortness of breath - especially with exertion or at night.
  • Wheezing - a whistling or hissing sound when breathing out.
  • Coughing - may be chronic; usually worse at night and early morning. May occur after exercise or when exposed to cold, dry air.
  • Chest tightness - may occur with or without the above symptoms.

Know your Asthma symptoms

Usually asthma get started or triggered by something that irritates your lungs. If you are asthma suffers get to know what symptoms you get in each attack. Why not keep a diary of the date and symptoms of each of your attack. Here are some examples or the symptoms:

  • "I cough a lot while I exercise or even when I rest after exercising."
  • "I have shortness of breath."
  • "I make a wheezing sound when I breathe."
  • "I feel a tightness in my chest."

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